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    RE: Progressions

    Posted in: Alpine Community

    Linda, I know it was some time ago that you initially made your request, but I'm curious if you were successful? I'm about to take my Level II Teaching Exam and have been working on a little book that ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi All, For anyone wishing to read "How Do People Learn? That Is the Question," you'll find it on page 10 of "The Teaching Dimension: A Compilation of Articles by Joan E. Heaton," available on Eastern ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    This response is from Wendy Schrupp.  If anyone can find it, it will be her.  Stay tuned Hi Michael,  I touched base with Joan and she said this:  "The article that appears in the PSIA SKI PRO, ...

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    RE: Flow

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Like I said before, Juris can explain this so much better than I can. Thank Juris. ------------------------------ Donald Duran Alpine 3 Staff Trainer KSRS (ret) Senior-divisional trainer-NSP (ret) USSA ...

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