2017 Board Election Ballot


The  following  members of PSIA/AASI-NI have been nominated for the PSIA/AASI-NI Board of Directors.

Please vote for three by placing an “X” next to the name sign and date the ballot and return it in to:  MARCUS ANDERSON Foam Concepts LLC, 4255 S. Eagleson RD, Boise, ID 83705.


Gary Baarson-Brundage_________________________________________

Paul Blaylock Bogus Basin_______________________________________

Irvin Bier- Sun Valley     ________________________________________

To be received by:        Friday May 12, 2017


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Gary Baarson is running for a second term on the Board of Directors.  During his current 3-yr. term, he took on the task of rewriting the by-laws to better meet the needs of the division and has never missed a board meeting!  Gary would like to continue his work on the board in order to help move the division forward as well as being a source of support for members.  He is currently working on rewriting the policy & procedures manual and would like to continue that project.  Gary joined the PSIA in 1985 and has been teaching skiing for more than 30 years.  He is an inspirational instructor for both students and peers, often being the first to introduce himself to new instructors on their first day.  He is a guiding force at Brundage Ski & Ride School, mentoring new instructors and being a model of professional leadership and decorum in the locker room.  Before getting involved with the PSIA and ski instructing, Gary had 33 years of service in the Air Force and Air National Guard, both flying F16s and later as a flight instructor.  As a personal testimonial, “Gary has impacted our family in an enormously positive way.  My two sons, my wife, and I are all instructors at Brundage and Gary has been an invaluable mentor, both professionally and personally for each of us.  He is a constant source of support, encouraging us to grow as instructors and in our own skiing.”  --Allen Weygint


Paul Blaylock first got involved in Ski Instruction in 1991 at Bogus Basin, he taught for several seasons and became fully certified as a PSIA Level 3 Alpine Instructor in 1994. Paul left the ski industry to raise a family and pursue a career in Finance. Paul currently works as independent financial analyst in Boise and after a long hiatus is currently working full-time as a ski instructor at Bogus Basin. After Paul returned to Bogus Basin in 2014 he began pursuing re-certification through PSIA and in the winter of 2017 achieved his Level 3 Alpine Certification once again. Paul has also pursued certification as a Freestyle Specialist and Children’s Specialist and achieving a FS1 in 2016 and a CS1 in 2017.

Paul is passionate about skiing and ski instruction and is currently seeking a position on the Northern Intermountain Board of Directors. Paul’s past experience as a ski instructor and recent experience pursuing certification would offer a unique perspective to Northern Intermountain and his experience in Finance could be insightful for the Northern Intermountain. 


Irvin Bier has been employed by the Sun Valley Snowsports School since being hired in 1986. He serves currently as a head trainer for Sun Valley.  He was a member of the PSIA National Junior Education Team (JETS) 1996-2000.  Irv has been an examiner on the NI education team for 26 years. Irv would add valuable experience to the Board of Directors of PSIA-NI.