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    It's a sliding scale Marcel. Beginners use embryonic versions of the movements experts uses. If they attempt to use the exact same moves an expert uses they fall down. So what might seem impossible to ...

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    For sure the athleticism allows for a greater range of motion , but when you’ve exceeded the limit of how far you can move you’re done. The image that sticks in my mind is that of Bode Miller in some downhill ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Craig , what focus of PSIA are you referring to ? The interview is tomorrow. Marcel Sent from my iPhone ------Original Message------ Natalie, ​So, how did the face to face go? What did you expect ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Natalie, ​So, how did the face to face go? What did you expect and what wasn't expected?? PSIA-E has a Focus on the "Natalie" potential Instructor, how to make more what to apply and how to get them ...

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    RE: Food For Thought

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    Racing is not recreational skiing. So the recreational mantra of always being centered does not account for the wider range of movements and more dynamic movements racers and high end recreational skiers ...